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Jun 29
Mar 25

Amateur Radio Buying Guide

Amateur radio communication has been an interesting and very informative means of communicating for a very long time. For getting the maximum output from this radio, you need to make sure you are following proper installation practices. An Amateur Radio license should be with you when carrying out operations. A... read more →
Mar 15

CB Antenna Buying Guide

Whether you are talking about the most basic kind of radio system or the one jam-packed with the most sophisticated features, there is no change is the maximum output delivered by a CB radio as it has been determined by the FCC itself and it is 4 watts for all... read more →
Mar 03

Growth of Amateur Radios

Over the past few years, a number of amateur radio operators in the US have risen quite steadily. Similarly, the popularity of the Amateur radios has also increased during the same span of time. Overview According to the 2015’s figures, the number of radio amateurs has risen to about 735,023... read more →
Feb 09

History of Amateur Radio

Since the invention of the ever-so-famous amateur radio, we have seen the hobbyist excelling tremendously in this field and applying their knowledge to various other walks of life. These enthusiasts have worked hard and with sheer determination throughout their career and have managed to make lives better in many diverse... read more →