10 Meter Radios

10 Meter Radios

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10 Meter Radios from Stryker Radios

Stryker Radios’ 10-meter radio products provide superior performance, quality, and value.

Our long range 10 meter radios are designed and manufactured to the highest standards, with features such as adjustable power output, frequency modulation, and a large, vibrant LCD display.

Whether you are a professional who relies on a dependable radio like Stryker’s or a longtime amateur radio operator and enthusiast, Stryker Radios 10-meter radio products offer the perfect combination of versatility and performance for your needs.

With our products, you can expect reliable and efficient long-distance communication, with the added benefit of cuttingedge technology. Let Stryker Radios help you stay connected today

Are 10 Meter Ham Radios Legal?

Yes, 10-meter radios are perfectly legal to use. All 10-meter ham radio operators must take a course and get a license and call sign before using a 10-meter radio.

What is the difference between a 10 meter radio and a CB radio?

There are several major differences between these two radios. Here are some of the most important to know:

  • 10-meter radios require a license to operate, while CB radios do not
  • 10-meter radios are designed to communicate long distances, 150 miles+, while CB radios are intended for short-range communication between 1-7 miles
  • While both radios have a variety of uses, 10-meter radios are common among professionals for use in work and with hobbyists, while CB radios are most commonly used by truckers

Where can I find Stryker Radios 10 Meter Radios?

Our dealer locator will assist you in finding a nearby dealer or website to order. You can search based on your Zip Code or City & State. Here is a link to our Where to buy page. https://strykerradios.com/find-store-for-10-meter-radios/

Does Stryker Radios offer customer support?

Yes we offers customer live support. You can contact with our agents using live Chat option at right bottom of the website. Also you can contact with us using fill simple contact form. Our support agent will be touch with you as soon as possible. Here is the link of the page. https://strykerradios.com/contact-us/

What is the warranty on a Stryker 10 Meter Radio?

Every Stryker Radio comes from the factory with a 1-year (497HPC, SR-89MC, SR-94HPC) or 3-year (655HPC, 955HPC & 447HPC2) limited warranty. “Limited” means that we will repair problems caused by factory defects or normal use at no charge. The warranty is non-transferable.
For out-of-warranty repairs, you can contact the following repair facilities that specialize in the repair of our radios. They are very familiar with the radios and accommodating. Contact them directly for repair rates. Below is their contact information.

Stryker Radio Repair
PO Box 1298
Crawfordville, Florida 32326