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Jun 11

Why Should You Upgrade Your Amateur Radio License?

Credit: Michael (KB9VBR), Thanks for joining me on these little amateur radio adventures.Well, congratulations. You just passed your amateur radio technician license exam. I bet when you heard that news, the volunteer examiners also followed it up with the question. Would you now like to take the general license exam? You... read more →
May 29

Dual CB Antenna Installation for Truckers

Dual Trucker Antenna Installation  The Stryker truckers will operate excellently in a dual configuration. For best performance and maximum front and back signal, maintain a distance of 8’ to 9’ between the antennas. Tuning the truckers for dual installation is quick and easy. Install both antennas on the mirrors following... read more →
Apr 13
875Stryker SR-A10 CB Antenna

Factor that affects CB Antenna Range

In today’s era, the most common question that CB’ers ask before buying CB Antenna is what will be the approximate range of your CB Antenna. A simple question with a tricky answer. As we all know that CB Antenna range can be easily distressed by various parables.  After reading this... read more →
Mar 16

Stryker Radios – What are they actually made of

  There are still a few of the through the board technology radios in production, but in the future, you can count on that changing. The Stryker SR- 447HPCII, the SR- 955 and SR- 655 is built with technology that makes these Radios the world’s best. They are challenging to repair in the traditional... read more →
Mar 06

Testing CB Antenna for High SWR Readings

Damaged or Faulty CB Antenna led to improper transmit, receive & high SWR readings. No need to worry. You can test it to verify whether it is good to mount it with radio furthermore or not. Do you have a volt/ohm meter? If so, then you can proceed with Testing... read more →
Feb 21
768cb coax cable

A Complete Guide to CB Coax Cable

In this article you will learn: What CB COAX CABLE really does? Importance & selection of COAX Cable What affects you CB COAX cable So let's start=> 1. What CB COAX CABLE really does? CB Coax Cable is to do two things: To take received a signal from antenna towards... read more →
Jan 10

CB Antenna Safety for Winter

Weather conditions play a primary role in highway accidents each year, especially during the winter seasons. To avoid emergencies, you must not violate speed limits and keep update about the weather. There are always chances that extreme weather conditions may affect the health of your CB Antenna & your radio... read more →
Jan 09
802cb antenna tuning process

CB Antenna Tuning – A Step by Step Guide

Objectives of CB Antenna Tuning To enjoy optimum CB performance (proper transmit & receive). Preventing your CB Radio from damage. Lowering your SWR reading. (Mostly below 1.5). OK, everything is now connected and ready to transmit & receive. Wait… there is something we’ve left behind. And that is CB Antenna Tuning... read more →
Jun 29

How to Become an Amateur Radio Operator in USA

Amateur radio operations have always been the center of attention for the hobbyists worldwide. This hobby can be pursued by anyone anywhere in the world. If we talk about USA, you can begin your journey in this field by obtaining an "Amateur Technician Class" license from the FCC [Federal Communications... read more →
Mar 25

Amateur Radio Buying Guide

Amateur radio communication has been an interesting and very informative means of communicating for a very long time. For getting the maximum output from this radio, you need to make sure you are following proper installation practices. An Amateur Radio license should be with you when carrying out operations. A... read more →