CB Microphones

CB Microphones

Stryker Radios CB Microphones

Stryker Radios CB Microphones

Stryker CB microphones are the perfect addition to any CB radio setup. With their high-quality construction, flexible coiled cord, and superior audio clarity, you’ll have clear communication with other CB radio and 10-meter radio users.

Their seamless, simple design ensures comfortable use for extended periods of time, making them an excellent choice for long-haul truckers or anyone who spends a lot of time on the road.

What features do Stryker CB mics have?

Stock microphones vary in terms of quality and durability. One of the major reasons truck drivers often go with a Stryker replacement microphone is for the noise canceling and overall improved quality.

Our Noise Canceling Feature

Whether sitting in the cab of your truck, boating on the open water, or in an industrial vehicle, it can be hard to talk and communicate with a standard CB microphone. Our noise canceling CB microphones are designed for use in environments that have loud background noise such as in semi-trucks, 4x4s, boats, industrial vehicles, the great outdoors, and in other noisy conditions.

Durability and Quality

The Stryker SR-65BC is constructed of high-impact plastic, making it durable and long-lasting. When designing it, we looked at military and EMS microphones and we hold ourselves to a high standard.

Crisp Communication

Stryker CB microphones offer maximum communication with maximum clarity. Both the speaker and receiver can benefit from the use of a Stryker mic.

What is the best CB mic for a Stryker radio?

The Stryker SR-65BC Noise Canceling CB Microphone is the perfect microphone for a Stryker 10 meter radio and any CB radio. We also offer replacement microphones for our 10-meter radios.

What is a pin CB microphone?

A pin CB microphone is a type of microphone that uses a circular plug with several pins to connect to CB radios. The pins transfer audio signals and power between the microphone and the radio. These microphones are commonly used with CB radios and come in many different designs.

Stryker CB micrphones are compatible with 4-pin CB radios and 10-meter radios.

Are CB mics interchangeable?

Yes, most CB microphones can be switched out as long as they have the same type of connector. Upgrading your mic to a Stryker noise canceling microphone should be a seamless transition.

Can a Stryker CB microphone be used with any CB radio?

A Stryker CB radio microphone is compatible with any 4-pin CB radio. Please contact us with specific questions regarding compatibility.