Stryker Radios CB Antennas

Truckers, it was early 1945 when the first CB Antenna was born. It was not out of pure invention but a necessity. As said,

Necessity is the mother of invention.

In the early 1970s, the use of CB in film Smokey and the Bandit waved like a flood in the UNITED STATES.

A few decades later comes STRYKER RADIOS. A radio brand which shaped 10-meter radios by making performance, reliability and customer service a priority like never before.

The next step for Stryker was to launch a POWERFUL antenna, something with efficiency, power, and durability.

Stryker Radios brought the same concept to their CB antennas.

Power directly proportional to performance

This concept entirely changes the question “SHOULD I BUY IT?” The answer we hear time and time again is Yes, do it. The power – performance – efficiency that we design into our products and especially to the reliability, so they work during the WORST TIMES made this happen.

Even BAD WEATHER can’t stop the SR-A10 from going to work.

Many of our customers tested our SR-A10 over our competitor’s antenna.

And the result and reviews were terrific.

They preferred A10 over others –

“I have tested it with others I have got these results using a MFJ analyzer and then a cross-needle for reflect monitoring, the Stryker tuned better than the competitor it replaced”.

Now, you might be thinking that THAT’S IT? Does STRYKER RADIOS only have the SR-A10?

Don’t worry; we have several models.

Selecting one over others does not depend on which one will perform better BUT its a question of how and where you want to use it?

Whether you want to use on a jeep, or you want to it with your truck, we have an antenna that will fit your needs. For example, the Stryker SR – A10 Magnetic Mount Antenna is an ideal selection for CARS, 4×4, JEEPS or certain COMMERCIAL VEHICLES. Magnetic Mount Antennas are an excellent choice and are far more convenient than a fiberglass or 102″ whips.

LET’S RUMBLE! And start with A-10 center loaded.

1. SR-A-10 Center Loaded CB Antenna

Inspired by US Air Force Thunderbolt II (The Warthog) – This inspiration itself shows the power behind the concept. SR-A10 CB antenna is a powerhouse, and at the same time, it’s unique styling displays this same emotion when you put on your vehicle.

Emotion! Sounds ODD

Above is a perfect example of emotion and happiness all mixed up after experiencing the SR-A10 Thunderbolt. Let’s break down the customer review into ACTUAL FEATURES of SR-A10. You look excited …. Right ??

SR-A10 CB Antenna Magnificent Features

This babe can handle 10,000 watts of power.

Yes, everyone has the same expression after hearing this.


If you’re wondering what gives the edge to the A10 over any another antenna, you see on the market


Yes, the coil is the heart of an antenna, and WE HAVE STRONG HEART. It is an extremely efficient air-wound coil which leads to better and more powerful performance. A-10 coils are wound with six-gauge solid copper wire – plated with PURE SILVER making the coil extremely conductive with less noise.


Your antenna is like a FRONTLINE SOLIDER in war.

The more exposed to weather, the higher the chances of it are breaking or reducing performance. Regardless of if we’re talking soldiers or antennas, they both need protection from the harsh elements.

Ice, rain – weather can affect its performance and can cut it down. It’s the reason; we DOUBLED THE COIL COVER.

This makes A10 more durable so that it can perform in extreme conditions.

TRUCKERS! ARE YOU LISTENING TO THIS, THIS IS YOUR ANTENNAAvailable in Magnetic & Trucker Version – Protected with 2X Coil Cover – 6 Gauge Solid Copper – Coated 100% Silver Plate Wire


Why one would buy the highest quality radio and suffocate it with a low-quality antenna.

A-10 comes with high quality which results in HIGH PERFORMANCE. Buying a cheap antenna will disappoint you in the LONG RUN.

We ensure that we manufacture something which lives up to your EXPECTATIONS. The coil has a higher Q — better the Quality – better and more efficient performance.

Less noise makes it more desirable for our TRUCKERS. The SR-A10 is built to handle the abuse you ENCOUNTER daily with your vehicles.


  • Six Gauge Solid Copper – Strong Coil
  • Pure Silver Plated Wire
  • 10k Watt Power Handling – High Performance
  • Exceptionally Efficient High “Q” Coil
  • Dual Wall Coil Cover.
  • 49” Stainless Steel Whip
  • 26 MHz to 30 MHz Frequency Range
  • Set Screws Make SWR Tuning easy
  • 10″ Stainless Steel Shaft
  • Highly Low Noise Coil – High talking power
  • Decreased Static choking
  • Run RF Gain wide open
  • Standard 3/8″ x 24″ Thread on Shaft
  • Center Loaded Antenna
  • Two Year(s) warranty.

Where are you GUYS GOING?

Sit tight as we have more below.

2. Stryker SR – A10 Magnetic Mount CB Antenna

This little gun will accommodate all of your expectations.

Yes, you are right. It looks very mean, BUT it works and is always ready to exceed your expectations. The Magnetic Mount A10’s durability, finish, and performance all make you feel like…

Yes, I want this antenna, and I am going to BUY IT.

It’s ideal for use with cars, 4×4, jeeps or commercial vehicles.

Fig. Above SR-A10 mounted on the CRV

An antenna which such MIND-BLOWING specifications – 100% Pure Silver-plated – Six Gauge Solid Copper with such a firm magnetic base. It’s the only SR-A10 MAGNETIC MOUNT VERSION.

Many consider it the best CB Radio Antenna on the market.


As one grows older, one starts to lose strength.

Exactly, I’m sure you can relate.

The Older your antenna, the higher the chances are that performance is dropping. Like said, by one of the Greatest athletes Muhammad Ali to Howard Cossel.

You aren’t the same man as you were 20 years ago.

This magnetic mount version holds on even at 100 MPH and will give you tremendous performance in every condition. It’s like fighting your toughest opponent who brings OUT THE BEST IN YOU.

You can easily separate the loading coil from the magnetic base. You are making it easy to keep both the coil and whip safely stored when it’s not in use.


Now you can travel as fast as you want, but the POWERFUL MAGNETIC BASE which is 5″ in diameter won’t let go. It’s ideal for any speed.


Product Includes
Antenna Color
Whip Length
Coaxial Cable Type
Power Handling
Frequency range


Weather Cap, Allen Wrench &18 feet coaxial cable.
Light Grey.
63” Stainless Steel.
66in (6.5ft)
5in (at base)
10,000 Watts
26 MHz to 30 MHz
2.11 MHz

Let’s keep pace and go over one other antenna.

3. Center Loaded Antenna Stryker SR-2K

Weather Channel Ready – 3600-watts of power handling – 49″ in tapered stainless steel whip

Woohoo! What else do you want in this JET PACK


Representing LOW PRICE – HIGH QUALITY, two-in-one mobile CB antenna.

Exactly, you might be wonder what we mean by TWO IN ONE MOBILE ANTENNA.

Truckers! Are you there.

Truckers, now you can easily switch the shaft length of 5″ & 10″, making this antenna enormously adaptable. You can change the shaft length at any time you wish, making the SR-2K a two in one antenna.

Stryker Radios is all about taking GOOD CARE of our CUSTOMERS.


Truckers! We know how hard you HIT the road. It’s why we made such a versatile antenna for you; the SR-2K Center Load Trucker Antenna.

You expect more, and we brought more. It will give you superb frequency bandwidth, durability, and easy installation.

This antenna will walk, all over the competition.


Such a masterpiece in performance is also one in durability.

Shielded by the Mobay Thermoplastic.


  • 3600-watts of power handling capacity
  • 49″ in tapered stainless steel whip.
  • 26 MHz to 30 MHz frequency range.
  • Set screws make SWR tuning painless.
  • Includes 5″ & 10″ shafts
  • Two Year Limited Factory Warranty
  • Talking power maximized due to low loss coil.

This protects the coil – whether its rain or you are in the desert, it doesn’t matter. Just remember that YOU HAVE THE LION-HEART SR-2K

CB Antenna Tips & Tricks

As with any antenna, the better your ground plane, the better your results will be. Center Loaded Antennas mounted, so the coil is equal with or above the roofline, performs better, and is easier to tune.

Speaking of tuning (Set SWRs) here are a few tips to make it as easy as possible.

Measure your SWR on channel 1 & channel 40.

  • If the SWR is lower on channel 40, it indicates your antenna is too short, loosen the set screws and raise the whip, so it is longer.
  • If the SWR is better on channel 1, the antenna is too long. You will need to loosen the set screws and lower the whip. If you can’t drop it any further, start by trimming off 1\4″ increment and then recheck.