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Stryker Radios CB Antennas

Get the most out of your CB radio with Stryker Radios CB radio antennas! Our antennas feature high performance, great range, and unbeatable durability.

Long considered one of the best CB antennas on the market, the SR-A10 CB antenna is available both as a trucker version and as a magnetized CB antenna mount. Its easy installation makes the magnetic mount version the perfect mobile CB antenna option for a car, motorcycle, pickup truck, semi-truck, or all-terrain vehicle.

Our heavy-duty SR-2K center-loaded CB antenna features a high power rating (3600 Watts) and a 49-inch. tapered stainless steel whip antenna.

How long should my CB antenna be?

The length of your CB antenna varies on your communication uses, but the general recommended CB antenna length is approximately 2.75 meters (9 feet). However, CB antennas of longer/shorter sizes can still be adequate if tuned properly. In most cases, a longer CB antenna performs better.

How do I tune my CB antenna?

We have an entire guide on how to tune your CB antenna. Here are some quick tips:

  • Measure your SWR on channel 1 & channel 40
  • If the SWR is lower on channel 40, it indicates your antenna is too short, loosen the set screws and raise the whip, so it is longer
  • The antenna is too long if the SWR is better on channel 1. You will need to loosen the set screws and lower the whip. If you can’t drop it any further, start by trimming off 1\4″ increment and then recheck

Again, for a full guide on tuning your CB antenna, please check out our post:

How many watts should my CB antenna be?

While CB antennas can output a maximum of 4 watts, CB antennas can handle much more than that. The Stryker SR-A10 can handle 10,000 watts and the SR-2K can output 3,600 watts, meaning our CB antennas’ frequency range is significantly longer than that of its competitors.

Who makes the best CB antenna?

Stryker’s CB antennas offer superior performance and durability. We have several varieties, including a magnetic base and center load, which is far more convenient and long-lasting than a traditional fiberglass antenna.

If you need a replacement CB antenna kit, we offer one with a coax cable and magnetic mount assembly.

Where can I find Stryker Radios CB Antennas?

Our dealer locator will assist you in finding a nearby dealer or website to order from. You can search based on your Zip Code or City & State. Here is a link to our Where to buy page.

Does Stryker Radios offer customer support?

Yes, we offer customer live support. You can contact our agents using the live Chat option at the right bottom of the website or by visiting this page and filling out our support form and a representative will get in touch.