About Stryker Radios

Quality for the Long Haul

We’re a team of experienced radio enthusiasts committed to providing quality products for the amateur radio community. We founded Stryker Radios in 2005 because we ourselves wanted high-quality, feature-rich CB radios and amateur radios. Since then, our 10-meter radios have gained a loyal following because we pay attention to the needs of our customers – both casual users and serious radio operators.

Our Products Prove a Lasting Commitment to Innovation and Reliability

At Stryker Radios, we have continued enhancing our product lineup to keep up with technological advances and changing customer demands. Our commitment to innovation and quality has helped us establish a loyal customer base and solidify our position within the CB and ham radio industry.
Our first product, the SR-440HP, established the Stryker name with its simple, attractive interface and impressive performance. Since then, each new model has offered additional benefits to the radio user. The popularity of the SR-447HPC and the SR-497HPC stemmed largely from the enhanced LED backlit display, capable of producing 7 different colors, and an improved dimmer circuit to make night-time operation easier on the user’s eyes.

Our quest to provide powerful and full-featured 10-meter amateur radio transceivers continued with the Stryker SR-955HPC & SR-655HPC. Many industry leaders praise these units for excellent receive and great output.
When our customers asked for accessories they could count on, Stryker developed a range of CB antennas, like the popular SR-A10, and microphones that enhance the functionality and performance of our radios.
This attention to the consumer makes Stryker radios particularly popular among CB radio enthusiasts who prioritize performance and reliability.

From Design to Destination, We Keep Our Focus on the Radio

Our products are designed here in the United States with the end user’s goals in mind. Our reputation for incorporating cutting-edge technology with convenient features is why Stryker Radios are known for their impressive power output, advanced frequency tuning capabilities, and robust construction. We emphasize quality throughout the manufacturing process because we want our products to last. Since we prioritize our fellow radio enthusiasts, we offer the best industry support available. Beginning with design and extending to product support, our focus is on providing the best products in the radio market.