Stryker SR-2K Center Loaded CB Antenna

Higher Power Handling Capability (3600 Watts)
Low loss coil enhances talking power
Less Static Receive Noise
Weather Channel Ready
High-Performance Mobay Thermoplastic
Excellent Frequency Range
Greater Efficiency
Externally Stronger
Includes 5″ & 10″ Shafts
2-Year Warranty
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High-performance Trucker Antenna – 3600 watt capacity of power handling – 49 in tapered stainless steel whip


 Get an SR-2k and make Your CB System Flourish

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  • 3600 watt capacity of power handling
  • 49 in tapered stainless steel whip
  • 26 MHz to 30 MHz frequency range
  • Set screws make SWR tuning painless
  • Includes 5″ & 10″ shafts as well as allen wrench
  • Low loss coil enhances talking power
  • 2 Year Limited Factory Warranty

Amazon Review:

CB Antenna can make your CB System flourish. If you want best receiving and transmission then, you should never compromise on quality. Does one exist for trucks? Yeah! We have the best antennas for the truckers; it’s called the Stryker SR-2K Center Loaded Antenna.

All engineering take place at the advanced research center of Stryker, in the USA.

Double Performance in Single Price :

The belief of Stryker is in the continuous improvement of products, quality, and performance. It’s an honor to present a low priced two-in-one Mobile CB radio antenna. You are looking for something extraordinary to support your CB Antenna for a more extended period.

Right? You want to enhance your transmission capability with the best CB antenna. Yes? Stryker is providing the best solution for our valuable customers. If that’s what you are looking for, try our fantastic SR-2K. It is the best and most suitable CB antenna for trucks.

It can easily be adjusted between the lengths of 5″ & 10″, making this antenna enormously adaptable.

SR-2K Center Loaded Antenna refined for Trucks :

We know drivers need excellent frequency range coverage, durability, and easy installation. SR-2K will give you all the qualities mentioned above in a single body at a reasonable price as compared to other competitors on the market.

SR-2K is powerful enough to support your CB communication over long ranges. It’s best for making your communication seamless for hours, and it is durable and capable for 3600 watts of power handling.

CB antenna tuning is not a hurdle, with the help of a couple of screws, you can quickly tune it.

Good Solid Performer :

Nothing is more important than the durability of a CB antenna for trucks. The main reason behind the longevity of SR-2K is that Stryker has carefully shielded it by the mobay thermoplastic.

It not only makes it externally stronger but also protects the inside of the coil for the enhancement of the overall performance of SR-2K. Whether you are operating in a desert or a glacier, in a forest or the rain, SR-2K will never let you down. Your antenna will stand tall anywhere, just with the help of this protective layer.

Stryker SR-2K – Best CB Antenna for you :

Now you have the opportunity to improve performance, with the refind SR-2K from Stryker. You will not have to sweat installation and final tuning for low SWR. Installation is straightforward. It’s our best selling center loaded whip antenna that we design with truckers in mind. Stryker offers a 2-year warranty for all of its products.


SR-2K Center Loaded Antenna Important Features :

1 – Low Loss Coil – Nothing like any “base loaded” antennas, the pure silver plate in SR-2K Center Loaded antenna on the large solid copper wire supports the antenna in providing optimum performance to the maximum level.

2 – Extremely Durable – The high-performance mobay thermoplastic we use to construct the SR-2K makes it extremely strong. It shields the coil from all types of weather conditions like snow, rain, ice, hail, and corrosion. Other antennas break down from this environmental adversity.

3 – Weather Channel Ready – Weather Channel Ready – SR-2K is a perfect weather channel ready. It has the best antenna whip, with advanced convenience and weather channels receiving


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