Stryker SR-A10 CB Antenna

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Stryker SR-A10 CB Antenna

  • Better Performance and Efficiency
  • Reduced Static Interference
  • Higher Power Handling Capability (10,000 Watts)
  • High Impact Mobay Plastic Coil Cover
  • Air Wound Coil, Solid Copper Wire with Silver Plating
  • Higher “Q” Value
  • Stainless Steel Shaft
  • 2-Year Warranty

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Product Details

The Stryker SR-A10 is designed for users who demand a high-performance antenna that can handle powerful radios. Ideal for truckers, the durable SR-A10 features a high-quality, air wound coil that significantly reduces static. Trust us – your ears will hear the difference!

Additional information

  • Length : 4.5 feet

Key Features

  • Extremely Efficient High “Q” Coil
  • 6 Gauge Solid Copper, 100% Silver Plated Wire
  • Double Wall Coil Cover made from High Impact Mobay Plastic
  • 10,000 Watts Power Capability
  • Bandwidth: 26 – 30 Mhz
  • 10″ (inch) & 20″ (inch) Stainless Steel Shaft (Both are included)
  • 49” Stainless Steel Whip
  • Standard 3/8” x 24” Thread on Shaft
  • Available in Magnetic and Trucker Versions
  • Reduced Static Interference
  • 2 Year Warranty


Exceptional Quality Achieves the Best Sound :

  • The heart of the SR-A10 antenna is its efficient air wound coil. Wound with 6 gauge solid copper wire and plated in 100% pure silver, the SR-A10’s highly conductive coil achieves both significant range and clarity for the best performance possible.
  • This antenna is designed with a high Q value, perfect for operators who need powerful but efficient radio equipment.

Durable Design Holds Up Under Tough Conditions :

  • A dirty coil reduces performance properties of the antenna, and ice or snow can cut performance in half. Thanks to the double wall coil cover, you never have to worry about dirt or rust corrosion on the SR-A10.
  • Cheaply made antennas do not hold up to the elements and can cost you more in the long run. Don’t waste your time and money replacing and tuning antennas that aren’t up to the task – the SR-A10 is a durable, high-performing antenna built to handle the conditions you encounter daily. Buy with confidence – you will not be disappointed!

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