Star-Bryte Knobs

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Star-Bryte Knobs

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Clear Knob Set SR-655HPC & SR-955HPC
Clear Knob Set SR-490HP & SR-497HPC

Lighted Radio Knob Kit with Tripple LED Illumination available in colors Red, Blue, Green, Purple with more colors on the way.

Our clear knobs fit all D shaft controls. However, they do not require the use of the black D ring like your factory knobs. We did so because in our opinion the black D rings don’t look very good. The knobs will fit on radios that do not use the D type shaft, the SR-655HPC & SR-955HPC are a good example.

Installation of the light ring is very straightforward, solder the blue wire (+) to your voltage source 13.8 VDC and the black wire to ground. Installing the light rings does require some degree of skill as removal of the radios bezel is necessary.

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