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About Us

Do you know the trucking industry expects to grow at least 6% MORE without slowing down? Right?

And, do you know how many hours an average trucker drive on highways?

Does the job pay you enough?

The American-Trucking-Association notes that it takes 3.5 million truck drivers to transport the freight amount necessary for the economy to continue to move.

You might be thinking, what are we talking about–Isn’t it a website where we are about to buy a PRODUCT?

Yes, it is. We sell—but not a product—a dream.

Before manufacturing it, we had all of the above questions in our minds, and we thought, let’s play our role.

Why Stryker Radios???? Back then, we raised eyebrows for embracing the 10 Meter Radio revolution. We’ve made every decision since—quality. It’s a philosophy as clear as our radios sound. We ask ourselves, “How can we improve the quality of our radio? Will our radios improve the lives of the truckers or individuals who buy it” And there you have it. That’s why we have our quality control lab, which uses the most awesome chips like IRF-520 MOSFET transistors. This means it helps deliver 100+ watts PEP, and you can quickly get a 30+ mile range with High Power 6-transistors. Quality-of-Radio—Quality-of-life.