SR-955HPC 10 Meter Radio with Amazing Clear Audio

Amazing Microphones – Better Encoder – High-Quality Knobs

 Incredible Microphones with Great knobs and Guaranteed Encoders


Yes, I Want 955HPC


We know you’re tired of hearing how amazing – incredible – best quality radio this is.


I know you want something new, something that feels more excited, more fascinating regarding 955HPC.

I’m going to make a BIG-CLAIM that will surely blow your mind right away.


Commission 955HPC 10 Meter Radio


You may be surprised, and you should be—why we called it “Commission 955HPC”.


Let’s leave the benefit—feature behind for a second, and we want to make sure before you get your hands on commission 955hpc, you should exactly know what—why you’re our customers love it.




Your entire life is a commission…


Everything you get your way in life, that’s a commission. Money is not the only commission in your life.


You spend happy, or not—those are commission. They are the reward for doing in your life.


955HPC is a commission for hard-work we did to provide you quality products. That’s why we re-name it, “Commission 955HPC.”


Listen, folk!


When you drive a truck on the road, and you rely on your radio. What exactly will you count on?




How in the world can you replace such an incredible feature in commission 955hpc? 955hpc is known for its side-band performance. It’s smooth on SSB and never drift as competitors radios do.


“We don’t compete. We dominate the market.”


At the moment when our competitors thought we were done. We added a NE612 SSB-product-detector.


NE612 helps you with better clarity and less noise.




When it comes to power, Commission 955hpc has a unique relationship with power.


It generates 70+ watts pep—perfect optimized power which can smoothly & effortlessly make those long conversations.


Isn’t it incredible?


Now we are going to share a story that will help you understand how power plays a vital role in two-way communication.


“Alex from Montana shared a story of the truck driver, such as some metal “Big Coil.”


Alex was in Oklahoma and saw this incident.


“I didn’t know what to do or how to react after seeing this treble accident. Then it hit me. How can I witness my fellow trucker wrapped in blood and able to do nothing? I didn’t know how I was going to get help; there was no cell reception. I picked up my microphone and talked to my friend, who was a few miles ahead from us.”


Further, he mentioned how easily we forget about the “Power” feature in our radios.


That day that radio-power helped Alex save a fellow-trucker from dying. How incredible “optimize power” could be if handled responsibly.


Frequency Display in Multi-7-Colors:


Have you ever thought, how much influence beauty has on you?


You—I know, we are inspired by the beauty, and it lies within every cell that exists in our universe.


So, how can we neglect the beauty feature in commission 955HPC?


That’s why we introduce a 7-multi color frequency display. That enhances the beauty & design of this product.


LED Backlit Face Plate in 7 Colors


7-color thing isn’t over yet.


You can select LED light color on your own-will from 7 colors in Commission 955hpc 10 meter radio, with manual and auto functions.




You cannot only choose color manually but also CPU controller can scan automatically from all colors.




Customer feedback is a vital asset. We love your review, whether they are about in-our-favor or against us.


By listening to your feedback, we bought an outstanding 32-position dimmer circuit.




You can lower lights at your own choice by dimmer function.


Eyes play a vital role while you are on roads.




If you’re sensitive to the dark, you can lower the light. This notable feature is available in all 10-meter radios.


Exciting right?




Now you don’t have to spend the extra cash and hire someone to open a clarifier. You have the option of selecting the range of clarifiers between fine & coarse.


Customize through PC:


Customization opens gates of new up-gradation in any product.


So, it plays a vital role in any hardware or software.


That’s why you can easily customize and program commission 955hpc using a PC or Laptop at your ease. You can also customize the tune/beeps by using a PC.


6 Tone Roger Beeps


In commission 955HPC, there are 6 different roger beeps.


Interesting fact


These beeps can control by using one switch—located on the front panel.


More Amazing part


You can generate your own roger beep by using PC software. And you can then load this beep on the SR-955HPC onboard memory.


Talk Back Control:


Well, if you don’t like any feature in our product…




It removes immediately.


How can we grow without giving value to what you like—what you don’t like?




Looking into your feedback, we almost remove talkback squeal/screech…




Self-sufficient talk-circuit. Now, you can play with volume to the ideal level as operating conditions.


Amazing fact


You don’t have to turn down your microphone due to squeal & noise, which was the result of the previous design.


Commission 955HPC has an outstanding talkback control system with no squeal.


Whenever you don’t want to hear, you can turn down the knob, so it’s off. Plus, there is no distortion.


Power Control:


As mentioned previously, 955HPC has the beast power, but to perform stability, you have to control the beast. Power allows the operator of radio to alter their carrier from a minimum of 2 watts to a maximum of 70 watts PEP.


Up-Armed TM Receiver


Bad-weather for truckers can be a nightmare. You can’t ignore this fact.




We bought an exclusive—unique receiver shield capable of working under even the worst scenarios and weather.


That’s why our receiver filtering is also tighter than most other radios in the market, and the results are adjacent channel rejection is enhanced. As said previously, we don’t compete—we dominate the market.


And most importantly, it also works smoothly in the busiest of operating areas like the busy truck-shop, with many operators running high power radios.


Controls and Indicators for SR-955HPC 10 Meter Radio:


1. Function Menu Button 2. Monitor (Talkback) 3. RF Power Output Control
4. Mode Selector Control 5. Dimmer Switch 6. Hi-Cut receiver filter
7. Roger Beep switch 8. Program switch 9. CTCSS switch
10. Clarifier mode 11. Channel Display 12. On/Off Echo switch
13. Display Color button 14. Channel Scan button 15. Band Mode Switch
16. Microphone jack 17. VFO Mode switch 18. Receiver Volume
19. Receiver Squelch 20. Microphone Gain 21. RF Gain
22. Noise Blanker/ANL 23. Echo Volume 24. Echo Delay
25. Fine Clarifier Adjustment 26. Coarse Clarifier Adjustment 27. Channel Selector

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