Stryker SR-955HPC 10 Meter Radio with Amazing Clear Audio

SR-955HPC – SSB Radio – Never Drift All Over On SSB

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SR-955HPC – SSB Radio – Never Drift All Over On SSB



    ■ SSB Radio, Stryker 955HPC, doesn’t drift off frequency at all, not even slightly. Tune it in and leave it—it never drifts. It gets AMAZING Audio Reports on AM and SSB if you install the radio properly, which means you will not experience the high SWR alert while talking and don’t have to repeat 10-9.


   ■ Loud & Clear Reciever—955HPC receiver is Sensitive and Clear—better than our competitors. It has loud Audio with Noise Blanker, Automatic Noise Limited, and HI-Cut Filter for extra clarity. You will not have a hard time hearing, even with long-range communication.


   ■ Faceplate/LED lighting—it looks amazing, very friendly, and the Multi-color display can be selected to match your mobile’s interior. It has a dimmer control, which means it doesn’t burn your eyes like other radios.


   ■ SR-955HPC has a stock mic, which means you don’t have to spend extra money 30$ to 40$. You don’t need a power mic; its stock mic works just fine and will get you clean—crisp sounds over the air.


The Stryker 955HPC SSB, 10-meter radio, keeps upgrading—she was released back in 2012. Its amazing SSB radio further enhances by adding the NE612 SSB product detector—NE612 offers less noise, clear sound even better than a cell phone.  


This is not the end—just as with receive, transmit performance is also extended. The output circuit was further optimized to achieve superior IMD properties while fully utilizing the FET attributes. This also results in less heat meaning the SR-955HPC can withstand long periods of full power output.


Great Key Features Of SR-955 SSB Radio

  •    High power 60+ watts PEP
  •    Brilliant 7 color LED backlit faceplate.
  •    Dimmer control (32 positions)
  •    Variable talkback control
  •    Variable power control
  •    Digital Echo with dual front-mounted controls
  •    Six Roger beeps
  •    Up-armored receiver
  •   PC Programmable w/ included USB Cable


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SR-955HPC set the bar high enough that competitors are still trying to “catch up.” Stryker has continued to refine the design to maximize performance with rock-solid reliability rather than sit back and relax.


General Specifications

  •     Frequency Range: 28.000-29.700 MHz & 24.890 – 24.990
  •     (PC Programmable)
  •     Frequency Bands 1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9/10 & VFO
  •     Channel 40 channels (programmable) in each band
  •     Input voltage 13.8V
  •     Antenna connector UHF SO239
  •     Frequency Control Phase-Locked-Loop Synthesizer
  •     Frequency Step 100Hz/1KHz/10KHz/100KHz/1MHz
  •     Frequency Tolerance of 0.005%
  •     Frequency Stability 0.001%
  •     Temperature Range -20c  + 50c


Transmitter Specifications

  •     Power Output AM: 15W 60+ W PEP / FM 45W / SSB: 60+W(PEP)
  •     Current Drain 12A (with modulation)
  •     Unwanted Sideband 50dB
  •     Frequency Response:
  •     AM/FM: 300 to 3000Hz *** SSB 450 to 2500Hz
  •     Output Impedance 50 ohms, unbalanced
  •     Modulation AM ***FM *** SSB
  •     Inter-modulation Distortion SSB:
  •     3rd order, more than -25dB
  •     5th order, more than -35dB
  •     SSB Carrier Suppression 55dB


Receiver Specifications

  • IF Frequency AM/FM:10.695 MHz 1st IF, 455 kHz 2nd IF SSB: 10.695MHz
  •  RF Gain Control 45 dB for optimum signal reception
  •  Automatic Gain Control:
  •  Less than 10 dB change from 10 to 100,000 mv
  •  Squelch Adjustable: threshold less than 1.0µV
  •  Automatic Squelch Control(only AM/FM)1.0µV
  •  Audio Output Power 3 watts into 8 ohms
  •  Frequency response: AM/FM: 300 to 3000 Hz SSB 450 to 2500 Hz
  •  Built-in Speaker 8 ohms, round.
  •  External Speaker Jack Sensitivity SSB: 0.25µV for 10dB AM:1.0 µV for 10dB FM: 1.0µV for 20dB
  • Adjacent-Channel Selectivity: AM/FM: 70dB *** SSB: 70dB Image Rejection: More than 65 dB


Controls and Indicators for SR-955HPC 10 Meter Radios:


1. Function Menu Button 2. Monitor (Talkback) 3. RF Power Output Control
4. Mode Selector Control 5. Dimmer Switch 6. Hi-Cut receiver filter
7. Roger Beep switch 8. Program switch 9. CTCSS switch
10. Clarifier mode 11. Channel Display 12. On/Off Echo switch
13. Display Color button 14. Channel Scan button 15. Band Mode Switch
16. Microphone jack 17. VFO Mode switch 18. Receiver Volume
19. Receiver Squelch 20. Microphone Gain 21. RF Gain
22. Noise Blanker/ANL 23. Echo Volume 24. Echo Delay
25. Fine Clarifier Adjustment 26. Coarse Clarifier Adjustment 27. Channel Selector

User Manual

Programming Software