SR-655HPC 10 Meter Radio With Very Loud & Clear Receiver

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SR 655HPC – High Power – Very Loud & Clear Receiver


   ■  SR-655 High Power Long-Range communication radio uses 4 IRF-520 MOSFET transistors. It’s a GREAT radio which pushes 70 to 75 watts, AND you can perform some serious long talks efficiently. This Big power radio is a must if you run a log truck so that others can keep track of your 10-20 in the mountains, and you can keep track of them.


   ■ Loud Reciever—655HPC receiver is very loud and clear. You can receive great up to 50 miles and transmit out about 20. It is easy to get familiar with, and the sound is impressive. SR- 655hp big radio with all the bells and whistles.


   ■ Channel selector – Selector Switch (Encoder) for 655HPC Radios. It will help you to jump to your desire frequency very easily without any problem. A great quality encoder with a slightly firmer positive click makes Switching Easy for YOU while driving rig on highways.


   ■ SR-655HPC has a fantastic display LED faceplate with excellent Dimmer Control. Faceplate allows you to choose 7 different colors with the push of a button or let the CPU controller scan through all of the colors on it and dimmer control; it doesn’t burn your eyes like other radios at night.





The SR-655HPC 10 Meter Radio uses a unique design for high power with reliable transistors for long-range communication 655hpc is a Top Seller because of its feature being VERY LOUD & CLEAR. 


Among the many reasons that make the 655-HPC so great—its improved power output; the four IRF520 MOSFET transistors equip it for transmitting 70+ watts PEP.


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amazon review for 655hpc about great power


Amazingly, its output section is fundamentally the same as the one utilized in the SR-955, so you know it has the same genuine performance as our top-of-the-line models.



More Amazing Features:


  • Frequency Display in 7 Colors: – This is a unique feature in Stryker Radios. Now you can set your frequency display in 7 different colors of your own choice. This feature enhances the design and beauty of amateur radio.
  • LED Backlit Face Plate in 7 Colors: – Now, you can choose from 7 different LED Light colors or watch it loop through all of them. You can select colors manually by clicking the button, or the CPU controller can scan automatically through all colors. Our exclusive faceplate design grants control to operators with backlighting. Even in the darkest conditions, you can easily find and adjust the radio controls very quickly.
  • Dimmer: – We were listening to your feedback over the past years, and now SR-655HPC brings the incredible dimmer circuit. You can now lower the lights of your own choice with our 32 step dimming function. If your eyes are sensitive to light in the dark, you will appreciate the dimmer circuit. This fantastic feature is available in all of our 10-meter amateur radios.
  • Clarifier: – This clarifier provides you the best option of choosing if you want it to control both transmitting & receiving or only receive. You also have a choice of selecting the frequency range that the clarifier can adjust.
  • VFO: – Using traditional band mode or VFO mode, you can now choose for continuous operation throughout the frequency range.
  • Customizable through PC: – Stryker SR-655HPC, 10-meter radio, can be easily customized and programmed using your PC or Laptop. You can also customize the tune/beeps by using a PC.
  • Digital Echo Controls: Digital Echo/Dual Front Mounted Control provides the operator various effects and control over other echo boards. Our board can regenerate and transform the human voice with no distortion or noise providing enhanced maximum echo with superb clarity. It is just one reason that we are unique from other amateur radio (ham radio) manufacturers.
  • 6 Tone Roger Beeps: – In SR-655HPC 10-meter radio, six (6) different roger beeps. One switch controls these beeps – located on the front panel. You will not find this feature on any other radio. The important thing is you can generate your own custom roger beep using PC software, and you can then load this beep on the SR-655HPC board memory.
  • 6 Power Control: – This feature allows the radio operator to alter their carrier from a minimum of 2 watts to over 70 watts PEP.
  • Talk Back Control: – The wicked Talkback squeal/screech is almost removed with our SR-655HPC self-sufficient Talkback circuitry. You can adjust the volume to the ideal level as operating conditions require. Now you do not have to turn down your microphone due to squeal and noise resulting from poor design. We have the best Talkback control system with no squeal; also, whenever you want to talk–back, you have to press the button and talk. There are no distortion and noise with this feature included.
  • Up-Armed TM Receiver: – Our exclusive and unique receiver shield can work under even the worst scenarios and weathers. Receiver filtering is also tighter than most other radios on the market. As a result, it enhances adjacent channel rejection. It also works smoothly in the busiest operational areas like the busy truck stop with many operators running high-power radios.

SR-655HPC Faceplate 26 Controls and Indicators guide.

Controls and Indicators for SR-655HPC 10 Meter Radio:


1. Function Menu Button 2. Monitor (Talkback) 3. RF Power Output Control
4. Mode Selector Control 5. Dimmer Switch 6. Hi-Cut receiver filter
7. Roger Beep switch 8. Program switch 9. CTCSS switch
10. Clarifier mode 11. Channel Display 12. On/Off Echo switch
13. Display Color button 14. Channel Scan button 15. Band Mode Switch
16. Microphone jack 17. VFO Mode switch 18. Receiver Volume
19. Receiver Squelch 20. Microphone Gain 21. RF Gain
22. Noise Blanker/ANL 23. Echo Volume 24. Echo Delay
25. Fine Clarifier Adjustment 26. Coarse Clarifier Adjustment