How do i check my antenna SWR tunning

The importance of a CB antenna for a good CB system can hardly be overemphasized. It is the most important factor for determining the overall output of your CB radio. For enabling a CB antenna to serve your purpose in the right way, it needs to be tuned and calibrated properly with the help of a SWRmeter. This fine tuning would enable your CB antenna get accustomed to your CB radio as well as to your vehicle’s dimensions. The condition is that you need to tune your CB antenna as accurately as possible because a slight variation from the required SWR would harm the entire CB system of yours. So
to be on the safer end, first install your CB antenna and ground it properly as prescribed in the setup manual. If you want to improve your SWR even further, then consider doing it with a SWR meter connected separately between your CB radio and CB antenna. Your target is to achieve a ratio of 1:5:1 that is the most optimal SWR ratio for any CB system.

For that, you first need to determine the type of CB antenna you have. Then adjust its length for making its tuning easy. Stryker CB antennas are easily adjustable so you don’t have to trim their whips for getting a length that is appropriate for fine tuning the antenna. Then calibrate your antenna with the SWR meter on all the channels one by one and obtain the same SWR reading across all the channels as prescribed in the manual.