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“Truck’n Woudn’t be Truck’n without a Stryker Radio sitting there and on. I’ve owned many over the past 37 years of trailer truck’n but the Stryker radios puts them all to shame.”

Ray BigBurd Burdette

Stryker Radio Customer

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How to Correctly Mount a CB Antenna In 4 Easy Steps

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A Commitment to Quality

Since our founding, every decision we’ve made comes down to quality. It’s a philosophy as clear as our radios’ sound: “How can we improve the quality of our radio, and how will our radios improve the lives of the truckers and individuals who buy them?”
From our quality control labs to our top-of-the-line chips, Stryker Radios is on a mission to deliver the best radio products in the world.

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Stryker Radio products are available online and throughout the United States at 10-meter-radio & CB antenna dealers. Find our products in stores near you:

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