Why Amateur Radio Operators are also called Hams ?

The most primitive wireless operators we know are the landline telegraphers who later were appointed to handle the coastal stations. With them moved the traditional work practices of these professionals. During that period, each of the stations used to employ the entire spectrum owing to their specific spark signals. Government stations, ships, coastal stations and the rising number of amateur operators faced a strong competition in that era with respect to the signal strength and the time allowed for transmission. Most of the amateur stations were highly powerful during that time as well. The strength of the operations was so intense that no other operations were able to stand the power of two stations combined. When the commercial operators got annoyed with this scenario, they started calling the amateur radio operators as “hams.” Fortunately the amateurs took this name as a challenge and instead of giving it up, declared it publicly as their official name. The later years gave highly positive meaning to this name.