10 Meter Radio SR-89MC

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10 Meter Radio SR-89MC

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The new updated Stryker SR-89MC (Mobile Color) offers impressive performance & excellent quality in a very compact package, making it one of the best products from StrykerRadios 10 Meter Radio.


The Stryker SR-89MC is perfect for today’s vehicles that offer less space to mount a radio; this is where the super compact SR-89MC shines. The base can be mounted in an out of the way location and the remote microphone controls the entire radio. The SR-89MC is an excellent radio for RVs, Jeeps, UTVs or any vehicle with limited space. The small size doesn’t mean you’ll have to sacrifice on features, performance or quality!




SR-89MC 10 Meter Radio Important Features:

*NEW* Kenwood 2 Pin Style  The side microphone jack is a “Kenwood 2 Pin Style”

 3-Color Backlit Wide-Angle LCD Display –  Choose from Blue, Purple or Orange. The Wide-Angle Display allows you to mount it in an out of the way location and still be able to read the LCD.

*NEW* NB / ANL with on and off option – You can choose whether or not to use the Noise Blanker & Automatic Noise Limiter circuitry. This two feature will dramatically reduce interference, especially from electrical noise.

*NEW* RF Gain Control – The RF Gain gives you the ability to reduce the receiver sensitivity to prevent a nearby strong signal from overloading the receiver.

*NEW* High / Low RF Power Output Setting – Now you can control the power output of the SR-89MC from the function menu. Very useful for use with external amplifiers.

Easy One Touch Operation – The stylish handset was designed for easy operation. All functions & Features can be controlled by simply pressing a button on the handset. The Ambidextrous design accommodates both right and left-handed operators.

Full Aluminum Heat Sink – The wraparound heat sink offers exceptional cooling for the base.

Channel & Frequency Display – You can select to only display the channel number or display the frequency and the channel number.

4 Memory Channels – Save your most frequently used channels for fast and convenient access.

Instant Channel 9 & 19 – Press the “EMG” button allows instant access to Channels 9 & 19.

Full Scanning – Scan all channels/frequencies or only your memory channels, so you never miss a contact.

SR-65BC 10 meter radio

SR-89MC Amateur Radio Additional Features Include:

  • 35+ watts PEP AM / 8 watts FM.
  • Rock Solid Frequency Stability.
  • 10 Bands to select from.
  • Dual Channel Watch.
  • Volume / SQ Controls.
  • Instant Mute Button.
  • S/RF meter Display.
  • Radio Voltage is shown on the LCD display.
  • Key Pad Lock (optional).
  • Optional Earphone, Microphone & PTT jacks on the handset.
  • External Speaker Jack on the remote base.
  • *NEW* Mosfet Final Output Transistor
  • 1 Year Limited Factory Warranty.
  • Optional 9 Foot Long Extension Cable for Microphone.

10-Meter Radios are intended for use by amateur radio operators only.
A license from the FCC is required.

User Manual Download SR-89MC 10 Meter Radio