Magnetic CB Antenna Mount Stryker SR-5K

Stryker SR-5K CB Antenna

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Magnetic & Roof Mount Version, 2 Years Warranty – Exclusive Weather Cap & Allen Wrench – frequency range of 26 MHz to 30 MHz

Stryker SR-5K Magnetic CB Antenna mount is currently recognized as one of the most trustworthy antennae in the market. This recognition is based on its perfect performance, incomparable and best quality, and its price package we are offering is unbeatable. The Stryker SR-5K is a base load, magnetic mount antenna that can be used for both CB radios and 10-meter radios. Stryker’s major objective is to never compromise on the quality. It is the main reason we manufacture the top rated and best quality antennas only for our beloved customers.

Best Efficiency

SR-5K is the most powerful Magnetic CB antenna Mount. We have designed SR-5K for you to ensure and witness the efficiency of our unique product from each and every aspect. You cannot find this high level of efficiency other than SR-5K Magnetic CB Antenna Mount. Stryker has boasted its high-tech manufacturing techniques, that made its products simply remarkable. Our commitment towards customer’s satisfaction is clear from the 2-years warranty, which is included in each of our products.

Most Powerful Magnetic CB Antenna Mount

Stryker SR-5K strength can be measured by it exceptional power, with a capability to handle 5000 watts on AM and 20,000 watts on SSB, this does not influence its performance and consistency, you won’t be overloading it easily. This antenna transmits and receives the signal at this power.   This CB antenna comes with 18 feet of high-quality CB coax terminated in a PL259.

Super Easy Installation

Yeah! Sure it’s a tough call, especially if it’s your new car, placing the drill holes for antenna installation. Stryker’ marvelous creation SR-5K CB Antenna is successful in removing all your worries and concerns about drilling holes because SR-5K let you enjoy the convenience of “no hole drilling antenna installation”. Furthermore, the magnetic mount CB antenna leaves no marks on the surface it is placed on. It’s a quite strong magnet that will never fell even when you are over 100 MPH. The installation of SR-5K is super easy, you will have no problems in installing the antenna. Radio can also be backed up the powerful antenna.

Best CB Antenna for Sale

You’re searching for the best CB Antenna with the flexible whip, Right! Than SR-5K is the one you are searching, this is the best choice for you. The coil can be easily removed whenever you want to remove, whether you want to wash your vehicle, or any service, even when you are parking your vehicle; you can easily pack it up. In the other hand, you can easily re-install it within seconds. So, in that case, Jeepers and truckers are going to love this SR-5K Magnetic CB Antenna. It is very much flexible and strong, you should have a try of this, and we guarantee its performance and features.
Typically the Magnetic mount antenna is not given preference because they do not give you the required and desired range. But we are presenting the most powerful and our innovative Magnetic CB Antenna Mount SR-5K. Our creative and innovative antenna will absolutely change your opinion and believe us you’ll love this magnetic mount even other than alternate CB antennas. Our design and the coil is here to bring you the range that will increase your expectations and will make your CB antenna deal all the more valuable.

Some Knock-Out Features of SR-5K CB Antenna

  • Low Loss Coil –  The coil is made up of a pure silver plate and solid copper wire, both are the most reliable conductive metals, this is the reason behind the outstanding performance of SR-5K.
  • Added Durability –  The antenna is made of the special thermoplastic of mobay that serves as a tough shield for the antenna and makes it safe against the weather changes and other environmental influences that might be dangerous for the antenna’s health. The antenna is purely made up of a special thermoplastic of mobay. This helps as a tough shield for the antenna and it is also safe in all the weather conditions and environmental effects that could be dangerous for the antenna’s health and performance.
  • Detachable Coil –  As the coil is detachable (removable), you can detach it anytime and keep your antenna with yourself. While the coil has been put off, you can protect the base with the special weather fitted cap.
  • Screw on PL-259  –  With the PL-259, you will find a high-quality coax that will make an easy routing. This coax can just be screwed on and off according to accessibility and need. There is no soldering required at all.
  • Weather Channel Ready –  One of the major strong points of SR-5K is being a perfect weather channel antenna.

SR-5K CB Antenna  Additional Features Include

  • 20,000 watts SSB and 5000 watt AM power handling.
  • The antenna whip 62-1/2 long made up of tapered stainless steel.
  • The frequency range of 26 MHz to 30 MHz
  • SWR tuning made easy with the set screws
  • Portable antenna with easily removable coil
  • Convenient routing experience using the 18-feet high-quality coax with the removable PL-259
  • The exclusive weather cap & allen wrench.
  • An extremely low loss coil ensuring perfect communication experience
  • 2-Year Limited Factory Warranty


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