CB Antenna for Trucks

For Best CB reception compatibility between your CB radio and antenna is crucial. But how will you find best cb antenna for trucks in market? Stryker can give answer to this question. With Stryker CB radio antennas durability is second to none. Manufactured in USA under Strykerradios license. You can get the most powerful cb antennas for sale from stryker inventory.

With their exquisite design and exceptional performance, Stryker CB antennas are topping the charts worldwide. This brand believes in continuous product improvement making its product line tailored to customers’ needs. It has CB antenna for trucks, jeeps etc.

Let’s take a look at the best CB Antennas for sale trending from this brand:

SR-A10 CB Antenna for Trucks

Stryker SR-A10 CB Antenna for trucks. Thinking of ideal CB Antenna? Now look back cb antenna for trucksto SR-A10 CB Antenna. Switch to world’s toughest and powerful CB Antenna from Stryker. Every time enough is not better for solid CB reception. Being named after ‘The Warthog’ of the US Air Force, you can expect the same deadly performance in this antenna. Thank you to double cover coil, antenna is now free from weather evil eye. 10,000 Watts power handling capability makes it most powerful antenna in market. Read More>>>

SR-5k CB Antenna for Jeeps & Cars

If you are ready to pick CB Antenna (especially magnet mount), Stryker makes one of the best around. SR-5k CB and Amateur radio antenna. cb antennas for saleIt’s easily adjustable to achieve low SWRs, and receives/transmits much better than most of other antennas in market. Remember, without a good antenna it doesn’t matter what kind of radio you have. Big results in small package.With its magnanimous power handling of 20,000 watts on SSB and 5000 watts on AM, this cb antenna rules over any kind of vehicle you mount it on. Trust us your Ears will not miss it. Read More>>>

SR-2K Center Loaded CB Antenna

cb antenna for trucks When it comes to versatility and durability, SR-2K center loaded cb antenna has always made its mark. Being the love of the truckers, this antenna always exceeds their expectations of adding un-matchable performance to their CB system. It is undoubtedly the best among the normal CB antenna for trucks, What makes it simply extraordinary is the addition of 5″ & 10″ shafts in one pack with which you can adjust the antenna length like a pro! Read More>>>



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