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SRC launched as a Stryker Radio Club for Stryker Radio owners and/or enthusiasts to communicate together, share your Stryker Radio photos, and to bring local area Stryker groups and enthusiasts together from around the globe. The SRC (Facebook) Club page is an informational page for all of our events, special drawings & prizes, contests, etc. This is not a club for solicitation and/or sales.Our goal is to create a family oriented club with MANY fun and exciting reasons to belong to the SRC.

NO POSTS AND/OR DISCUSSION OF CONVERSIONS and/or MODS IN HERE OVER STRYKER RADIOS!!! ANY and ALL discussions of this matter MUST be done by PM (personal messaging) and discussed PRIVATELY. You will be IMMEDIATELY removed from the group and all posts if this rule is broken. We suggest you leave that to your dealer.

To obtain an SRC# and participate in drawings, prizes, etc. we must have at least your full name, address, and email ON FILE. Our SRC Club page will only show your SRC#, first name, and state in which you reside. (other than what your own Facebook page shows as public) Only Admin and Stryker Radios can view the database.


1. We must have all info required for drawings above in this description, or you will NOT be eligible for our free drawings.

2. We will contact the winner by PM immediately after drawing and a post here in the SRC Group. Winner will have up to 24 hours to reply to us. IF winner does NOT reply within 24 hours of the PM and/or post on SRC Facebook Club page, winner forfeits the winning prize, and we will redraw for a winner and continue the process until we have a confirmed winner.

3. Winners from drawings, we will ship your winning prize to you after contact with the winner. Winners OUTSIDE the U.S., we will pay for shipping. However, we will NOT be responsible for ANY additional taxes, duty taxes, etc. We will of course ship as a gift.

Please remember, we are a SRC CLUB, meaning, we are not just about our SRC Facebook Club page here, we are about communicating over the radio, developing a family oriented club setting of EXCLUSIVE Stryker Radio owners and enthusiasts, sharing Stryker product photos, and/or other products that do NOT compete with Stryker Radios product types (10-12 meter radios & mobile antennas).

The SRC offers MANY informational DOCS that are listed under the “FILES” tab IF on a desktop OR INFO tab IF on a mobile device within the SRC Club room to INCLUDE a Stryker product SUPPORT doc with all information needed if one would have any issue with a Stryker Radios product. All members should view the SRC Club docs upon joining with much information that may already answer your questions.


First and foremost be courteous to others. Others may be new to CB and/or Amateur radio so please act accordingly in posts and comments. No posts pertaining to solicitation or promotion of NON Stryker Radio products unless such products are NOT in a competitive nature with Stryker Radios. Photos of your personal station set-ups of course we realize may contain another manufacturer product within your personal station photos and is allowed. We must recognize, this IS an EXCLUSIVE STRYKER RADIO CLUB, NOT other manufacturers! If you are NOT a Stryker Radio product OWNER and/or a Stryker Radio ENTHUSIAST, then you are in the wrong club! NO posts, comments, videos, etc. showing ANY mods, conversions, sales solicitation, dealer solicitation, etc. will be tolerated within the SRC Club Facebook page. One on one with used equipment sales, private messaging ONLY. We have added a “Used Radio Sales Links” doc to the “FILES” folder to include one of the largest Buy, Sell, Trade groups on Facebook for our members for a any used equipment you may have for sale.

There are many groups on Facebook alone that you can sell used equipment on, NOT within the SRC Club room!!! If this sounds harsh, you must not have seen how terrible many posts become of bashing, slaughtering, etc. We cannot and will not allow the SRC Club and ANY of our members to go through a situation like that which is completely against what we stand for and our goals. One on one with used equipment sales, private messaging ONLY.

NO bashing, NO derogatory comments!!! We reserve the right to remove any members, posts, comments, etc. over rules broken! We are here to have fun and enjoy. NO BLOCKING of Admins or you are out!!!

Once you submit fill out the application (above), we will contact you shortly to complete your membership

Thank you!

I have read, understood, and accepted the rules for membership