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Stryker came into being with the primary goal of satisfying the customer needs with the most outclass 10 meter radios that will be capable of making the smoothest two-way communication possible at prices that are budget-friendly and easily affordable. Stryker ensures that each of its products is not only visually appealing but is also efficient and high-performing. It promises a strong commitment to the customer satisfaction that is delivered in actual by combining the state-of-the-art components with the best amateur radios expertise, together bringing you the 10 meter radios that have no parallel in the market. Here is the detail of the unique product offerings you can find at any of the Stryker outlets near you


Whether you want an efficient 10 meter radio that can help you connect during a long journey or a complete package of functionality…



Bring home the amazing SR-655 10 meter radio from Stryker that is jam-packed with features that will make your communication…



Stryker SR-497HPC has been designed according to the modern quality standards and with the highest quality material available.

5K CB Antenna

Don’t know how to change your CB antenna’s length without extra effort? Then Stryker SR-2K CB antenna is your clear answer…

Bigger in performance it’s guaranteed

If you are wondering what makes the A10 any better than your current CB antenna, it is the coil. The heart of the antenna is the extremely efficient air-wound coil; making performance exceptional.The SR-A10s design results in significantly less static receive noise. Trust us; your ears will not miss it!

Shell is doubled means coil is SAFE
Open coil antennas and there are many, look neat, but a dirty coil reduces performance properties of the antenna, ice or snow can cut performance in half. Thanks to the double wall coil cover, you never have to worry about that on the SR-A10. To offer a high-performance trucker antenna that’s tough enough to withstand daily abuse on a truck. Moreover, corrosion will stay far away from it whereas ordinary antenna performance is withering off gradually because of that layer of rust.
Fully warranted equipment
The SR-A10 cb antennas along with all their components are backed by a factory warranty of 2 years, giving you the sense of security.
Higher “Q” value, for greater efficiency
Manufacturers have ensured quality in every aspect of this unique CB antenna. The coil design was for optimized for a high “Q”. The higher the “Q”, the greater efficiency, meaning it is a higher performance antenna all over the market. This antenna is capable of carrying your talk safely over long ranges and can also receive the incoming signals with the clarity that your will not miss it.
Regardless of performance, cheaply made antennas do not hold up to the elements and can end up costing you more in the long run. Stop wasting your time replacing and tuning antennas that aren’t up to the task. The SR-A10 comes with a two-year warranty and is built to handle the use and abuse that you encounter daily. Buy with confidence; You will not be disappointed.