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65BC amateur radio Stryker SR-65BC

10 Meter Amateur Radio

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10 Meter Amateur Radio

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stryker 89mc high frequency radio Stryker SR-89MC

10 Meter Amateur Radio

Welcome to Stryker 10 Meter Amateur radio

From the very beginning the goal at Stryker Amateur Radio has always been to produce the best performing two-way amateur radios and provide them to the consumer at competitive prices. In an industry dominated by outdated products that are merely carbon copies of others this might seem like bold endeavor. We’re confident you will find the Stryker line of products demonstrates our commitment to this concept in every way! Since we’re actively involved in the industry we feel we’re uniquely positioned to understand what the consumer wants and needs. That’s why we are one of the best ham radio manufactures. We know the importance of not only providing a good, solid transmitter, but also a sensitive and selective receiver. Stryker 1o Meter radio are well built and able to with stand many years of constant use without malfunctioning. We find it appalling that manufacturers and importers continue to sell products with known issues. Even more they produce new models with the same 20 year-old design and refuse to make common sense updates or adjustments. Our dedication will continue as new models are released and we absolutely promise to search for new and innovative improvements for these models. You should be able to enjoy your radio and not worry about if it will work the next time you need it. That’s our commitment to you!


10 Meter Amateur Radio | Best Ham Radio

We sell 10 Meter Radio through a network of authorized distributors who in turn sell to retailers. Please use our Dealer Locator map by clicking  where to buy tab to find your closest retailer for Stryker Amateur Radio. We try very hard to keep our Dealer Locator map up to date. If you would like to be added to it, please contact us.


Tech Support for 10 Meter radio

We understand that you may have questions regarding our products and our job is to make sure you get the correct answer the first time. Support for Stryker products can be obtained via our Tech Support page or via Telephone or email. Get your answers straight from the source, our staff has decades of real world knowledge and experience in the radio industry. Tech support for 10 meter radio