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From the very beginning the goal at Stryker 10 Meter Radio has always been to produce the best-performing two-way 10 meter radios and provide them to the consumer at competitive prices. Our industry filled with outdated products that perform poorly. We are committed to using state of the art circuit design and manufacturing, to produce a superior radio. We’re confident you will find our line of products demonstrates our commitment to this in every way! Since we’re active & involved in the industry, we feel we’re uniquely positioned to understand what you want and need. That’s why we are one of the best 10 meter radio manufacturers.Below are some of our most popular Products.

We know the importance of not only providing an excellent, reliable transmitter, but also a sensitive and selective receiver. Stryker Radios are well built and able to with stand many years of constant use without malfunctioning. We find it appalling that manufacturers and importers continue to sell products with known issues. Even more they produce new models with the same 20-year-old design and refuse to make common sense updates or adjustments.We also make some of the best CB antennas on the market, below are links to them.

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  1. CB Antenna SR-5K
  2. CB Antenna SR-2K

If you want the best CB microphone, our SR-65bc Noise Cancelling is it!


Strykerradios 955HPC:

The Stryker SR-955HPC 10 meter radio was made to work well on AM/FM and SSB modes. The seven color LED backlit face plate makes controls categorized in day or night and coordinates with any interior. The 70 watts PEP output punches your signal out there high in volume and clear. The SR-955HPC arrives with features including a 6 digit frequency counter supplies visibility of channel selection, PC programmable, a built-in digital echo, variable talk-back volume control, Roger Beep, dimmer switch, Mic & RF gain and advanced noise filters to lessen interference for UN-paralleled standard regularly performing.


10 Meter Radio 497HPC:

10 Meter Radios are meant for> making use of by amateur radio operators only. A license from the FCC is have got to essential. Finest in class power output and top quality qualities. The fresh SR-497HPC is the elder brother to the 447HPC 10 meter radio. We have made it for class top effectiveness with 100+ watts PEP. As with the SR-447HPC we’ve packed the radio with real life, practical sense characteristics which makes using .


655HPC 10 meter radios:

SR-655HPC is a high quality 10 meter radio based on superior transmit, receive and reliability. It has several popular features to satisfy a large user base such as back lit controls, adjustable echo and talkback, 6 digit frequency display, clarifier, and variable power output.You can now customize the radio features using a computer.

Which antenna is right for me:

A crucial part of any good radio installation is a CB Antenna. What antenna you select could very well be a result of what vehicle you plan to mount it.

Center-Loaded Antennas

As the name implies, these antennas have their coil at the center of the antenna. cb antenna 5kThey offer a good balance of efficiency and physical size. Another advantage of center loaded CB Antennas is their power handling capabilities. One example of this is our SR-2K, which can handle up to 3700 watts PEP of input power. This antenna offers superior quality than what is typically on CB market & includes a 2-year warranty.

Where: These antennas will typically mounted on large trucks such as tractor trailers.

Key benefits: Efficiency & Power Capacity, these will take power that

would destroy fiberglass whips.


Base Load Antennas

This antenna has the loading coil at the bottom and a long vertical whip. They come in various mounting configurations such as roof mount, trunk lip mount, and magnetic mount. When comparing ease of installation and versatility nothing beats the magnetic mount. These antennas are mounted on cars, trucks and nearly anything that else that has a metal body. Some magnetic mount antennas also allow you to unscrew the coil from the base to make parking in a garage or go through a car wash. One such antenna that has this feature is the Stryker SR-5K. The SR-5K, has a very efficient loading coil and can handle in excess of 5,000 watts on AM and 20,000 watts on SSB.   antenna 5k

Key benefits: Can be mounted on many different vehicles, high power capacity and easy installation.


Why we are best

At Stryker Radios, we design and manufacture some of the best 10 Meter Radios on the market today. What truly sets us apart from our competitors is rather than using 30-year-old technology we utilize state of the art circuit design and manufacturing. Because of this we will provide you with excellent performance and dependability. We are committed to innovating and delivering you with only the best; this makes us an Amateur Radio industry leader.

Even after releasing a radio, we continue to research and develop ways to further refine and enhance it’s capabilities.. This may cost more than simply releasing a product and forgetting it, but our core values require us to go the extra mile ensuring your satisfaction. The SR-955HPC 10 meter radio is a perfect example of this. We have now added the in NE612 SSB product detector for sideband receive bringing overall performance to a new level.


Tech Support for 10 Meter Radio

stryker 10 meter radios live support

We  understand that you may have questions regarding our products, and our job is to make sure you get the correct answer the first time. Support for our products is available on our Tech Support page or Telephone or email. Get your answers straight from t

he source, our staff has decades of real-world knowledge and experience in the radio industry. Please visit our Tech support for 10 meter radios


  • Testimonials
    “I have 3 Stryker radios. And now i want 4. They are great radios, nothing but good reports. Awesome receive also. Thanks
    “ It's an amazing radio. Always getting complements on how strong and clear it sounds. I love the color changing and dimmer features as well. Very happy with it! –John”
    “I have had my Stryker 497 over a year and it is one awesome radio - Kevin”
    Definitely the clean, clear, power. I routinely get out better than those with radios with TWICE the power of mine. Very pleased with my SR-497HPC !
    "Chris S."
    SR 497HPC It's an amazing radio. Always getting complements on how strong and clear it sounds. I love the color changing and dinner features as well. Very happy with it !
    "Ryan V"
    This is the radio in my truck. Perfection at it's best....
    "Jeff G."